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Welcome to PiersmaCountry! Each week, we (Troy, Brett and Randy) get together to discuss technology, history, family, and generally, whatever is newsworthy. We bring the whole show to you via a simple downloadable mp3, usually by Saturday evening or early Sunday. Please feel free to email us at where we would love to hear from you!
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Download Show #1 Jan 7, 2006
Defenestration, Windows Updates, Honesty and Adolescence
Download Show #2 Jan 14, 2006
Leap Seconds, 30 years war, CA. Solar Power
Download Show #3 Jan 29, 2006
Coffee, U.S. Education System, American Cars
Download Show #4 Feb 5, 2006
Spring Cleaning, Back to the Beginnings, Book Review
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Can you hear me? Testing!
Pre-Production Audio Test 2
Can you hear me? Testing!